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Varney CAREs September Newsletter

  • Third Party Loan Reviews - Three areas of focus when contemplating a loan review.
  • Equity Investments - How to Account? - Regulators are closely reviewing the treatment of ASU 2016-01 during examinations.  Refresh yourself with the requirements and ensure you are properly documenting your position.   
  • Have you Updated your Pandemic Plan? - Did your Pandemic Plan get put to the test with COVID-19.  Now is the time to reflect on your Plan, how you specifically handled situations and update to alleviate stress and future uncertainties. 
  • A New Face at Varney - Get to know Cory Lindsley
  • Fixed Asset Capitalization 101 - What is your capitalization threshold, and is it being following according to your policy?  As we near the end of 2020, now is the time to review your fixed asset accounts to determine if items are being capitalized according to your internal policy.  
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