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Certified Public Accountants
  • Varney CAREs October Newsletter

    • Compliance Management Systems - How effective and complete is your CMS?
    • More News on ASU 2016-01 Financial Instruments - Learn more about the impact of adopting this ASU, including the accounting treatment and the Call Report.
    • New Face at Varneys - Meet our newest team member Keri Nelson, IT Specialist
  • Varney CAREs Newsletter

    Our team is dedicated to providing our clients relevant information, on a regular basis, relating to the banking community. Our first issue of Varney CAREs highlights the safety of your IT environment as well as the new accounting standard update relating to equity investment accounting.

  • New in 2017: Mandatory Third-Party Sender Registration

    The 2017 NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines have been updated to include mandatory registration of Third-Party Senders by Participating Depository Financial Institutions.

  • Special Treatment for Shareholder Health Insurance Premiums

    We would like to remind you of a special treatment for shareholder health insurance premiums that may affect your S corporation.